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Why would I put myself out there calling Addison County District Attorney David Fenster a corrupt arrogant bully?

My oldest son and daughter have made great sacrifices while he and her husband respectively have actively served our country in the Marines. Between them they have they have served over 20 years with my son in law surviving 3 tours in Iraq and my son about to be deployed overseas for the second time. During their deployment Vermont’s judicial system has robbed them of money saved for their education and most of their inheritance.

I was forced by our judicial system to use the money saved for their education by me and their grandparents to pay the perpetrators who robbed us. As a result my children have had to work extra jobs, put off starting their families and were financially unable to return home on their vacations. How could I possibly passively stand by and allow this abuse of power within our judicial system to go unreported while my children daily risk their lives serving this country to protect its democracy.

After being denied justice in Family Court by a sexually biased judge, Patrician Zimmerman, who was about to retire and, unknown to me, be appointed as an alternate to the Supreme Court (my only venue for appeal) I knew I had to have the 6 felonies committed against me prosecuted in Criminal court. Not only did Judge Zimmerman fail to acknowledge the $700,000 taken from my family by the 6 felonies committed by my attorney ex-wife and another attorney, her third ex-husband, she attempted to cover them up by calling them a straw transaction and financially punished me by ordering me to pay the perpetrators an additional $350,000 at 12% interest, and be responsible for the $200,000 Attorney Hegle fraudulently took from Citizens Bank. We were married 4 years with no children. I had no income and she was making over $100,000/yr.

District Attorney Fenster would not meet with me to discuss my allegations. My 96 year-old mother went to her grave without anyone investigating the $4,000 taken from her. This is a public official who, at the time, was appointed to protect the citizens of our county from crimes committed against them as guaranteed in our Constitution.

My Attorney, Peter Langrock, said District Attorney Fenster would not return his calls. This I found very hard to believe. A local politician finally persuaded DA Fenster to meet with me and I invited Attorney Langrock to accompany us. At that meeting DA Fenster advised me to get a handwriting expert (at my own expense) to prove that the money taken from my retirement account was done by forgery. At an expense of over $3,000 the expert confirmed what we already knew and was previously proven in Family Court. My signature removing money from my retirement account was FORGED. District Attorney Fenster’s attempt to discourage me financially from moving forward in my quest for justice did not work.

I provided this new evidence along with evidence that the money used to repay it was taken by IDENTITY THEFT form another account fraudulently opened in my name by Attorney Hegle. Again, DA Fenster would not communicate.

After months of calling my attorney, Peter Langrock (the only person I was told could legally communicate with DA Fenster), Attorney Langrock met with me at his office. He very proudly explained that he convinced DA Fenster to convene a Grand Jury and added; “That will be the end of it”. I immediately corrected him saying; “ You mean just the beginning, Peter”. My immediate suspicion and correction compelled him to respond in his characteristic gruffness; “Yea, you know what I mean”. He said he could never remember a Grand Jury being convened and this was a very unusual event. He was very proud that this was his idea. I let him know that I did not trust David Fenster because he tried to intimidate me and had his receptionist lie about his being absent from his office when I could see him behind the door. I knew that if DA Fenster seriously wanted to prosecute these felonies he did not need the blessings of a Grand Jury to do so. Attorney Langrock responded; “Everyone knows that a good DA can convince a Grand Jury to prosecute a ham sandwich”. I asked when I would meet with DA Fenster to discuss our strategy. He said there would be no meeting and not to worry, everything would be fine.

So I apprehensively went to this ruse knowing that everything was in the hands of DA Fenster. It didn’t take more than a few questions before I realized that I was being betrayed. In front of the Grand Jury I asked to speak with him privately. I asked him what he was doing. He gave me some feeble excuse and dismissed me shortly thereafter instructing me not to discuss this with anyone.

I immediately called Attorney Langrock asking if I could legally talk with him, telling him of Fenster’s betrayal. Once again he said not to worry saying he would let me know when he got the Jury’s decision. About 2 hours later he called informing me the Jury decided not to prosecute because the money had been paid back.

This is where I can justify calling Addison County District Attorney David Fenster corrupt. Since when can you steal money and not be held accountable if you pay it back? DA Fenster was the only person in the Court Room providing the Grand Jury legal direction. Peter said the Jury believed that the money was taken by forgery from my retirement account (a federal felony) but decided not to prosecute because it had been paid back. I can all but guarantee you that the Jury never heard that the money was paid back from the fraudulent account opened by identity theft or from some of the other $700,000 fraudulently taken from me. This was part of the new information that District Attorney Fenster never allowed me to discuss with him. When can anyone commit forgery to fraudulently remove money from someone’s retirement account and not be prosecuted? Can you rob a bank, pay it back and are not held accountable? District Attorney David Fenster used public resources to call a Grand Jury, not to convince them to protect a victim from crimes committed against him but to put an end to his quest for justice, cementing the immunity previously bestowed upon two attorneys committing a total of 6 felonies!!! This is cronyism and corrupt.

Before participating in this Grand Jury charade to end my quest for justice, Attorney Langrock again slipped by telling me that DA Fenster aspired to become a Judge. One of Attorney Langrock’s former and again current associates was the head of the committee nominating aspiring attorneys seeking judgeships to the Governor. I accused Attorney Langrock of being complicit in this Grand Jury ruse and shortly thereafter went to his office to remove my records.

This abuse of power with the victim beaten down both financially and emotionally by the corruption within our judicial system to protect two attorneys who colluded to take his money, committing 6 documented felonies in the process, needs to be exposed and prevented from happening to any future family who doesn’t have the ability to protect itself from such abuse of power. LAWYERS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO POLICE LAWYERS!

Just recently a Judge admonished 9 teachers convicted of fraudulently altering student’s test scores, to make their school district look good, to take responsibility for their misdeeds. These teachers have lost their jobs, are facing stiff financial penalties, jail time and are being held accountable.

Instead of holding its members to a higher standard the Judicial System within the State of Vermont has the ability to protect members of the Bar who have broken the law from ever being held accountable to the very same laws they are entrusted to administer. I believe the news media and press are intimidated by their power.

As once so eloquently stated by Thomas Jefferson:


I will explain why I believe these 2 attorneys, given immunity by the judicial system, have not been prosecuted in a subsequent post.

John H. Viskup. DMD

294 Turkey Lane

Panton, Vermont 05491

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Demand accountability of the Vermont judicial system and Bar

Dear members of The Vermont State Legislature,

The citizens of the State of Vermont desire to have members of our judicial system and members of the Bar held accountable for their actions not by other members of the legal fraternity but by a board of publicly elected officials capable of insuring that the judges presiding in their courtrooms and attorneys representing clients are abiding by the canons they swore to obey while performing the duties of their office or serving as legal counsel.

My hope is to hold judges and attorneys accountable for their actions just like everyone else. The arrogance, dishonesty and moral decay of our judicial system must be stopped. If you care to read why I have taken on this almost insurmountable challenge, please read my story (My Story: Judicial Corruption Hits Home) which you can link to from the home page of this website.

Thank you.


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