Vermont's Judicial System is the GreenMountain Mafia


The Green Mountain Mafia




                    After 7 long years writing and rewriting the non-fiction book, “The Green Mountain Mafia”, it hopefully will soon be published. Read how an innocent victim is railroaded through his divorce trial by a sexually biased judge who is about to retire and, unknown to him, also serves as an alternate on Vermont’s Supreme Court, his only venue for appeal. To punish him for trying to have his attorney ex-wife prosecuted for stealing more than $700,000 dollars of his savings during their short 4 year marriage while colluding with her 3rd ex-husband, also an attorney with very powerful political connections, committing 6 felonies in the process, this judge dismissed all the felonies and disparaged the victim’s character in her Order trying to rationalize why she awarded his ex-wife an additional $350,000 at 12% interest ($42,000/yr.) and also made hime responsible for the $200,000 she fraudulently removed from his personal line of credit.



Judge Patricia Zimmerman publicly urinated on the Canons she took an oath to uphold while presiding over her Courtroom, dragging the rest of Vermont’s Judicial System through the mud she created, unjustly financially ruining a patriotic military family.      

                      Naively pursuing justice at a tremendous personal expense, the victim, who also served as Select Board Chair of the small Vermont Town of Panton, finally pieces the puzzle together showing how the Mafia’s Godfather granted immunity to these two undeserving criminals while the news media remained silent.

                       In addition to the fascinating story about sex, betrayal, money , escaping murder and an international Ponzi scheme, the book makes a case for term limits, judicial and campaign reform.